Are you battening down your hatches?

I love, love, love storms and we have one that’s supposed to hit here in coastal southern New England. Sad thing is, I have (had?) a holiday party planned and I’m hearing from some would-be attendees that they won’t be attending.

I can’t say that I blame them. I’m only walking downstairs to the party. I don’t have to fight the wind and snow. But I love it when weather people get all nervous about the Big One That’s Coming, and there’s this sense that something is about to happen.

(You get warped like this, growing up in Tornado Alley, I believe. Blame geography.) It helps that I don’t have any family flying anywhere, any one to pick up at the airport. If it comes, I will be in my frozen seaside cottage, huddled beneath a blanket, with the new John Irving book.

So bring it, snow gods! Whether we party or not, we sure have a lot of food to eat. Hey! Y’all come on over! (And I only use “y’all” among friends.)

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  1. Was supposed to fly into Baltimore tomorrow, but on advice of our daughter who works for NOAA, we have changed to a Sunday morning flight.

    “Twas a miracle that Southwest Airline, Avis and Marriott all agreed that this is a Big ‘Un and allowed changes to my schedule. I even got a $3.60 credit to my SWA account.

  2. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

    I’m in a similar boat, dj. It’s my daughter’s 16th birthday weekend and so we’ve got gatherings planned for the next 3 evenings for the kids’ friends and then family. Who knows who will be able to show up tomorrow night or Sunday.

    I hope you have a few guests tomorrow night. I’m not clear on when the worst of the storm is due to hit. I bet Baltimore will a good amount of snow. Safe travels, Jay.

    1. They’re saying Baltimore and DC will get hit particularly hard, but Jay, if you leave Sunday a.m. you should be OK. I think that’s when Hartford and beyond is supposed to get the brunt of it. Jac, I hope people can get to your party. Mine’s for some friends who were coming up from NYC and they may decide not to come, at which point we will just let everyone else know and tell ’em all to stay home so I don’t have to share my food and stuff. Nah, I kid. Whatever happens, we are well-stocked, but it’s no one’s 16th in my house and it’d be shame to have to put things off for her. Happy Birthday, Jac’s Daughter!

  3. I’m 3 hours away from home, think I’ll leave here earlier than planned so at least if I get snowed in somewhere, I’ll have my own comfy bed to curl up in. Oh yeah, and a snow shovel nearby — I forgot to bring one with me!

      1. I’m thinking both of our snow shovels are packed away about 45 miles from here. I am given to understand that we don’t have a snow shovel on us. Whee!

        1. Do you have time for a quick love story? For Valentine’s Day one year, Mr. DJ bought me flares, and I know I said something rude when I opened them, like “Are you (#$*($# kidding me?” and he said, because I was preparing to go off on a long, long hike without him that summer, that they were both useful and loving. If I got lost hiking, I could shoot up a flare, and if someone jumped me while I was hiking (that has never happened to me, ever), I could shoot off a flare in my attacker’s face. Other men buy their sweeties naughty nighties. I got flares. I kept them long after they expired. Maybe I should have worn them around my neck.
          When are you leaving for home? Aunt DJ is worried.

            1. Sorry. It was. Says by my weather map that the snow won’t start until 3. Where’s your connecting flight?

              1. Where the eff is your weather map, and has it looked at Atlanta. I HATE the Atlanta airport. Last time, they moved my flight’s terminal THREE TIMES while we were all sitting there, and my layover was only an hour or so. It’s the largest airport in the world = my legs were in pain.

                1. OH NO! Not Atlanta. That’s the city that caused the trouble for me. I suppose you are on a Delta flight going through Atlanta. I’m so sorry, kick. Bring a good book, food, deodorant, toothbrush…all the essentials needed for an airport stay.

                  1. Yes. I HATE THE ATLANTA AIRPORT. Anyway, once I get to Atlanta, the weather to LR should be fine. It’s just getting out of Hartford.

                  2. ATL is the worst. The terminals are very confusing. I never could figure out those escalators. I swear that the architects deliberately hid them.

                    But I can’t see how a terminal can be moved three times in one hour. A departure gate, yes, but not an entire terminal.

                2. Uh, my weather map is online? Yes. as well as This morning it says the snow may start at noon here. And yeah. Atlanta bites. I wish you well on your trip.

  4. With tomorrow, I would have worked 8 straight days. Not complaining, as I am self-employed and I need the money. Come Sunday, I ain’t moving. I probably will not even dress for the day. Just me, some tonic water, Football and some Advils. But flying in bad weather is risky at best. Good luck to you both.

    1. Hey, Mario! If I’d made it to the store in time, I was going to try your Cincy chili. Next weekend, I guess. I only have the makings for hillbilly chili this weekend, but I’m dying to try yours! Happy Saturday and don’t strain yourself TOO hard.

  5. I’m supposed to be catching a plane on Sunday. This is going to delay the hell out of me. I might not get to AR until freaking midnight or something. Even after the snow, it’s supposed to be really windy.

    1. I was delayed 5 hours last Sunday flying from Alabama to CT and it wasn’t even snowing. I hope you aren’t delayed that much, kick. Safe travels.

    1. I’m going to sound like the first geek of the universe, but I just read a biography about Doris Day (people used to say my mother looked like a dark Doris Day, so I feel a kinship to ol’ Doris). It was kind of sad.

  6. All of this global warming is really cutting into my Christmas shopping plans! With a bad runner’s knee I have been able to run since Oct, well at least I can get some good cardio shoveling this weekend!

  7. That is a very sweet love story, DJ.

    Cynical, perhaps you should call your aunt DJ once you get home safely.

    1. Yeah, well, I am still waiting for my leather teddy….and yes, Cynical. Call your Aunt DJ. Call her when you leave, call her if you stop someplace, and call her when you arrive.

        1. Cynical? Are you getting all this? Aunt Jac and Aunt DJ are concerned. Do not let them stay in that condition.

          1. Oh. Right. Well if I get stuck I’m not likely to be able to access WiFi, probably……

            Nah, I’m HOPING to adjust my departure time to much earlier than originally planned. We’ll see how focused I can be about packing up all my crap and cleaning up the accommodations and getting my butt outta here.

      1. Oh. I thought you lived in the area? Didn’t you go see a movie in Pville a few months ago?

  8. I’m supposed to have a brunch date with my girl tomorrow. *sigh* It’s looking like that may not happen. =:-/

    1. That is a bummer. I’m fairly certain my party tonight isn’t happening, either. I’m watching a tanker hightail it out of the Sound right now. That can’t be a good sign.

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