Alright, let’s play another round of “What If:”

Infidels and believers alike (and yes, as always, this came up in the comments and made me think):

From the commonly-accepted Christian, Islamic, and Jewish creation story known to most of us from the Book of Genesis, if Adam and Eve hadn’t eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, do you think the Garden of Eden would have been a forever thing?

Would the rest of us have come along eventually?

Or would the world — without death, as introduced by that exploration of knowledge — have become too crowded for the rest of us?

Would women get blamed for something besides sin and death? Would women give birth painlessly? Or would men give birth painlessly?

If you’re interested, here are some other creation stories.

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  1. I have to think that if we were still in perfect harmony with God we would not run into the overpopulation problem. Everyone would have the right amount of kids for them and for the world because things would still be perfect. Right? I mean, if you take the story literally. Plus, we know there is enough food for everyone but not everyone is getting it. In a perfect world everyone would have access to the food.

    1. True. The right amount of children and the right amount of food to feed them and the adults, as well. I just wonder if the intent was ever to have more than two or three people on earth. More people? More headaches.

  2. I think we’ll all have perfect bodies (whatever “perfect” may be), and I won’t have scientific studies telling me my waist-hip ratio is unattractive to the opposite sex.

    1. I have a bunch of autoimmune illness. My body is NOT perfect. If my body was perfect I wouldn’t have to be on chemotherapy to control my symptoms.

      And Neu, I’d give giant and good money to have a gastro intestinal system that didn’t require me to tell people I have to go to the bathroom NOW, where the new flight regulations mean that its unlikely I will be flying not to mention skin that occasionally flares up, making me run a fever and have pustules over 1/3 of my body. And these problems may well shorten my life.

      Nope, not perfect.

  3. Adam was a typical male, waiting for Eve to get into a prone position to use the opportunity to fondle her! What A guy!

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