What color is your bra?

Maybe you got that recent Facebook message, asking about your bra color. The Pursuit of Harpyness was not amused — nor was Feminazery.

Breast cancer awareness, indeed.


47 responses to “What color is your bra?

  1. It showed up this morning. I haven’t done anything with it. Sorry, guys, according to the directions, it won’t go to you even if you wear the Bro (from Seinfeld).
    It’s a little silly, I think. But no harm in it.

    I think a better idea would be to ask about the date of your last mammogram. It’s a good thing to think about and may remind someone to make her next appointment.

  2. This thing was ridiculous. I posted this:
    “42G Oh wait, we’re only talking colors?”

  3. Oh Pish. Two friends currently battling cancer thought it was fun, and so did I.

    • When did I become such a stick-in-the-mud, I wonder? Aint no one getting my bra color but Jesus. And Mr. DJ, most likely.

  4. One of my fb friends asked me what color bra I was wearing, and my reply was “none of your goddamn fucking business, that’s what.”

  5. I wrote on my status “All the colors of the darn rainbow. Sike.” Heh.

  6. Just got on FB and lots of women participated. My favorite came from an old classmate (gay man) who wrote “RED”.

  7. Mario Saccoccio

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. You Broads are all a bit screwy! This is another example of woman having the vapors. Woman are always suffering from one form of hysteria or another. It is a direct result of woman entering the workplace instead of getting back in the kitchen where you belong. Bra colors, indeed!

  8. Hey Mario, what’s the deal with the “Men Working” signs? Why do you men need a sign to let everyone know when you’re actually working?

  9. Another blog post on this. I like this one because it is not so much angry feminist as realistic cancer survivor. If you don’t want to read it, she and others who have had breast surgeries due to cancer don’t wear bras anymore. Makes the whole thing feel rather obscene to me when the thing you want to do to raise awareness (which, hello, AWARE) leaves out those effected by it.

  10. The last time I asked a woman what color her bra was, she replied…..
    That’s going to cost you an extra fifty.
    But you gotta love Jules at Feminazery. There’s something just classy about British snark.
    And “undercrackers“!
    I love it.
    “The Undercracker Bomber”

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