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  1. Here’s a radical Ideeer, Don’t charge more then you can pay back within that period. That way, you will not pay any interest.

    1. My policy is to charge as little as possible. I’m what my credit card company calls “dead wood,” but the interest rates are out of control even for me. You carry the smallest balance and you pay through the nose. For what? For cheese balls you bought in a Wichita mall in ’88. That, or some people are having to charge groceries — and they end up paying through the nose for necessities (I don’t consider cheese balls necessities except at Christmas time).

  2. I put whatever I can on my Southwest Airlines credit card. Then, I pay whatever is owed, in full each month.

    My next trip to see our kiddies and grandkiddies is going to cost me just $10, which the TSA folks will have to divide up among themselves.

    1. I keep meaning to do this, but then I forget. And yeah, I’m trying to keep my credit card balance at zero.

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