Buh-bye reprodutive rights

If you live in Arizona, that is. Sis. Cynical sends this: Arizona Bill Would Pull Abortion Coverage for All Public Employees.

The bill passed the Senate, and advocates say it most likely will pass the House, as well. And the wording — as is often the case in such legislation — is scary-vague. Here.┬áSee for yourself.


3 responses to “Buh-bye reprodutive rights

  1. “You can’t use our money to help pay for the premium for any health insurance policy that covers abortion, unless it would have been necessary to save your life, but now it’s too late for that. Sorry!”

    That, at least, is what I get out of a hasty first read.

  2. I wonder if they’ll cover vasectomies. Viagra and other ED related meds.

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