Are you middle-class?

Or no class at all?

Wait, don’t answer that last one, but this says less than half of Americans consider themselves to be members of the middle class. And four in 10 who think they’ve made it to middle class say they’re struggling to stay there.

You can read more here, and download a PDF file of the poll here. The poll says a big factor in whether a person feel comfortably set is education. The more time spent in school, the more likely a person feels confident of his or her middle-class status.

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  1. I’ve been in school approximately 90 billion years and I don’t feel like we are middle class, or if we are safe here. However I also know that I live like a Queen compared to most of the world.

    I do like that middle class couch in the picture! And her dress, although chatting about philately doesn’t interest me.

    1. Carol, I realized a few years ago we were middle class when every time we got a little money together, the car would break down, the refrigerator would shudder its last. I told my sons that that is the definition of middle class. You save up to fix stuff.

  2. I’m in the “not sure” camp. In terms of present income I am either upper working class or lower middle class. I don’t own a house anymore–I could buy another one but then I wouldn’t have any savings. I have a relatively low stress job and I’m not making missile guidance systems, which I am happy about. I have more hours in undergraduate and graduate school than I care to count, but I know for sure that doesn’t guarantee anything.

    1. I don’t need to check any one else’s opinion before I answer, but thanks for the link.

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