I’m steal/borrowing this from Pursuit of Harpyness, but:

What’s your favorite journey? It can be literal or spiritual. I’m all ears.

Mine’s literal and spiritual. When I used to drive back home to Missouri from Connecticut (couldn’t afford airfare, and loved the meditative nature of the trip), my favorite part of the drive was when I cut off of I-44 heading west, onto what eventually becomes Seventh St. in Joplin. The road has an old Route 66 feel to it (though it doesn’t pick up old Route 66 until some miles down the road) where red-rock buildings that once were service (not gas) stations now stand as empty monuments of the families along the way who invested themselves in the hope that progress would bring travelers their way.

And progress did, right up until progress elected to take another route and delivered travelers (and their money) to other families.

That little stretch of road just east of Joplin is the Missouri I remember, a little forgotten, a little down at the heels, with the possibility that just over the horizon is a great hole in the wall restaurant that serves awesome pie.

Your turn.


15 responses to “I’m steal/borrowing this from Pursuit of Harpyness, but:

  1. Tough question. I know the kind of country you’re talking about–the drive between Dallas and Tulsa is a lot like that. Like you, and Harpyness, I’m also going to have to go with the journey between my birth home and my adopted home. I’ve gone back to Dallas by plane, train, and automobile. I love it while I’m there, but I also love the incredible view of Manhattan as the plane flies low up the East River on the way to LaGuardia.

    Here’s a photo of Sivil’s Drive-In in Oak Cliff. My mother worked there as a cashier in the late 50s, her favorite job, bar none. She still talks about it.

  2. The Killer Road, (US Highway 93, particularly the northern stretch…Virgin River country to Montana’s northern lakes region) was always a good run.
    The Scablands and the Columbia River Basin were favorite runs, as well.
    But I think if I could throw together an extended road trip right now, I would point that Electraglide West and make a run to the Pacific Coast Highway. In particular the northern stretch between Port Angeles, Wa. and Crescent City, Ca.
    The Oregon stretch is some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. Incredible bridges. Funky little towns. Mountains running into the sea.
    Drop dead gorgeous.

    • I really need to get to Oregon before I join the choir immortal. I’ve been on the PCH, but only farther south.

  3. Love this. I really enjoy finding little places that bring me back in time. Mine are literal and spiritual, too, and include: a little spot in Indiana, winding thru the Alps through little villages, going to a Ceilidh in Baddeck, Nova Scotia and finding “my people”, hiking at midnight in Iceland, and hiking out across the lava fields to see the lava flowing into the ocean in Hawaii. All were a little piece of heaven.

    • Wow. You’ve had a far more interesting life than mine.

      • I doubt that. However, I have been lucky to have traveled to a few pretty amazing places and have experienced that spiritual feeling. I forgot one more: We were on a beach on Prince Edward Island and the closest people were about a half mile away. The warm breeze would wash across my face as I’d close my eyes and listen to the gentle, soothing surf. Then from above, singing started. I looked up the hill behind me and out on the stairway landing above was a senior citizen group who had stopped to look at the ocean…and sing. It was beautiful. When they were done, they left without even descending to the sand. Then, it was back to the surf and the seabirds. Beautiful.
        (Another kind of Stairway to Heaven)

  4. Cynical Susan

    “I really need to get to Oregon ”

    Road. Trip.

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