Here’s a bit more on Elena Kagan

She’s one of the names being put forth by as a possible replacement for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who announced his retirement this summer.

Not everyone is on board with this.


18 responses to “Here’s a bit more on Elena Kagan

  1. I’m *still* in favor of putting Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court.

    Not because I have a crush on her or even agree with her on as much as I might agree with someone else.

    But because I think she would do a good job and would cause the most brain and heart damage to the Foxoids.

    • You know, that would be an interesting pick. I’d love to sit through those confirmation hearings. I believe she’d handle herself fantastically.

    • Mario Saccoccio

      Hillary is a center-left politician.
      She would have been a better President then Obama and a better choice for the court then who we will get.
      I’m betting on the protestant.

  2. Just thinking about her at the Senate hearing for health care reform in — y’know — the late 1900s, not a note in front of her, speaking authoritatively and smartly — yeow.

  3. Back in the White House, baking cookies. And doing her hair. And standing by her man.

  4. On the myth of “liberal judicual activism”:

  5. And not even potatoe* speelings.

    *Dan Quayle’s version

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