Jesus gets a facelift!

Touchdown Jesus — as good a┬áname as any — is getting a makeover. Isn’t this near Sis. Vegas’s house?

And thanks, Jesus Needs New PR, for the link.


17 responses to “Jesus gets a facelift!

  1. “Drop-kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life, end over end neither left or the right”

    Have you heard the C&W song?

  2. “On an average day, traffic on that section of I-75 was 93,130 vehicles in 2006, the most recent year available from the Ohio Department of Transportation.”

    But no data on how many accidents on that stretch?

  3. ’round here they call him “big butter Jesus”.

    We passed him just this weekend and my 5 yr old said, a little alarmed, “Why is God in the water??”
    I said, “maybe he’s a mer-man”

    • I saw that (I am an occasional reader of Facebook). I love that answer, by the way. And I love Big Butter Jesus better’n Touchdown Jesus. Maybe after he’s washed, he’ll be white as snow?

  4. I did notice he was looking a little rough. He definitely needs a paint job. The church that commissioned him is arguably cultish.

    • For real? What denomination? Or is it non-denomination?

      • It’s non-denominational. They own tons of stuff in that area and there’s been rumors and speculation that the founding family were running drugs.
        My sister had a client who was going to stay in their home for “unwed mothers” and she was seriously creeped out when she went there.
        And of course, the website has “8 easy steps to becoming a True Christian.”

  5. “Non-denominational” is often code for “We get to keep all the money,” “We’re a private business and don’t have to be audited” and/or “The founding pastor is law around here.”

    • This was not the case in my Own True Church. We were mostly ass-broke and the elders (all men, like our clergy) had final say.

  6. But . . . but . . . the Churches of Christ IS a denomination, no matter what they may say.

    • Wrong-o. We are non-denominational, about as non-denominational as they come, using your definition. Beyond local churches, there is no hierarchy, no conference, no higher (human) authority. Nothing.

      • There is a group of CofC/Christian Churches who also consider themselves non-denominational. They split from the more rigid ones, like yours. There is no oversight or anything but once a year they have the North American Christian Convention. I believe a few years ago they invited the non-instrumentalists (you guys) to attend and see if some common ground could be had but I’m thinking that didn’t work out.

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