Boycott us and we’ll turn off your lights

An Arizona-based company has notified the city of Los Angeles that if the city goes through with a boycott (over Arizona’s blighted immigration law), the company will flip the switch on their electricity.

You can read the letter here.

And thanks, Sis. Cynical, for the link.


11 responses to “Boycott us and we’ll turn off your lights

  1. blackwatertown

    Interesting dispute.

  2. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out…it seems to me if you are going to boycott something, to make your point or to show support, it should be all or nothing…not just what’s comfortable…

  3. Allright….hardball…We’ll see how ready LA is to take a swing at the Diamondback’s hot curve.

  4. You know what’s going to happen next? Sympathetic legal citizens and churches hiding immigrants without papers, or helping them get to another state…
    I would do it.

  5. Enron anybody? They perfected the “starve California electrically” procedure. Just a little blackmail to bring all those “librul” Angelenos in line I guess and yes I am paranoid about the powers of corporate energy.

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