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  1. I read both articles, and I find myself in agreement with Ann Friedman more than Hanna Rosin. I am left with an uncomfortable feeling that Rosin is patting women on the back a little prematurely. The word “hubris” comes to mind, as do several stories, novels, tv episodes, and films in the science fiction genre about what happens at the extremes of segregating male society from female society. We haven’t eliminated the “brawny” jobs in manufacturing, we’ve just sent them overseas. We’ve used machines to replace some, but not all, of the manual labor of growing food. Women’s perceived social and communication skills are useful in a particular type of corporate environment, but that’s not necessarily an environment that many people would choose to live in if they had a choice. And didn’t we read in the New York Times Magazine, only 2 or 3 years ago, that women were ditching the corporate world to return to the “mommy track”?

    And since when does working in finance require brawn?

    Librarian is another one of those professions that started out as exclusively male. But when it was discovered that women could do the work just as well, and would work for much less money, since they “didn’t have a family to support,” it became overwhelmingly female. There are still no “traditionally female” jobs that pay more than “traditionally male” jobs, although I did smile at the thought that women are now getting paid to do many of the tasks that they traditionally did for free.

  2. p.s. All Carly Fiorina has proved about women’s management abilities is that they can be just as incompetent as men. HP was once the maker of the finest instrumentation and measurement systems in the world. You just could not go wrong by buying HP. She split that business off and bought that crappy computer company Compaq, and drove HP’s stock price down 60%. For that, I will never forgive her.

  3. About that other California businesswoman-turned-politico, Meg Whitman: I’m not sure if it happened entirely under her watch, but Ebay is a completely different entity than it used to be. It grew to prominence and earned its reputation as a user-friendly way for a consumer to buy and sell unique items gleaned from their household or neighborhood, even to the extent of creating a small business. Today, policies and fees are onerous for individuals, and it’s little more than an advertising board for giant Chinese dropshippers, which were already amply represented elsewhere.

  4. No gender roles is a good thing, so long as parties agree and can be happy in their lives.
    A good friend was a house husband for years, raising his son while Mom, a higher earner, went to work.
    I like equality.

  5. In my next life I want to come back as a tall blonde Swede. Either gender, it doesn’t matter.

    1. I’d like large breasts, myself, but with my buzzard-luck I’d be a guy and have man-boobs.

    2. Yeah, that article didn’t exactly make me want to wave the old red-white-and-blue. Every once in a while the media offers a glimpse of what some of the rest of the world takes for granted, and I have to fight off nausea for a couple days.

      1. Well, we’d miss you, but I guess they have the Interweb over there, too. Will you be taking your family along?

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