Since when is surgery for tubal pregnancy considered “elective abortion?”

Since certain fundamentalist Christian groups say it is, that’s when.

Let’s do the math, though. On second thought, let’s let No Longer Quivering do the math. As NLQ says, in the name of right-to-life, a lot of Quiverfull mothers stand to lose theirs.

And thanks, Sis. CTLW, for the link.


17 responses to “Since when is surgery for tubal pregnancy considered “elective abortion?”

  1. And the thing is, that’s an old photo. There are two more kids now.

  2. Carol the Long Winded

    They can’t get a shot of them all now because the littlest is in the ICU.

  3. seems odd cuz Catholic Church supports such abortion, yet this Christian group don’t.

    It doesn’t make sense because it had been proven that tubal pregnancy is fatal to all babies. I wonder if they won’t allow such abortion to removed an unwanted object (dead baby), what about removal of cysts, cancers, and more. Something to ponder on.

  4. This is criminal. A woman who goes along with this for the sake of religion is committing suicide.

    • Because it’s God will…and that makes it all ok.

      I had a discussion about the “God’s will” thing today, too. I’m a troublemaker in my discussion group really yet they still let me attend. Maybe you guys aren’t surprised by that.

  5. Weird. I really thought Catholics were the strictest denomination when it came to fetus’ (fetii? fetuses?)

  6. That “No Longer Quivering” blog is some tough reading – so much abuse. I feel for all those women and children.

  7. mariosaccoccio

    I guess it is considered elective when you put the little zygote there.
    Or something like that.
    It’s not an abortion, but a necessary medical procedure.
    Time to put your head back in the Bible and get it out of our bodies. The bible is not a medical reference book.

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