It’s not all fun and games

Some teams at the World Cup are using that oh-so-visible platform to make a statement.

Here’s more on the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. And rock on, Argentina soccer players.


5 responses to “It’s not all fun and games

  1. Yeah! Argentina…beating Greece, 2-0.
    Other than the Olympics, there is no other platform as visible, is there?

    (1999 Women’s Soccer World Cup was the best.))

  2. Mario Saccoccio

    A silly game, Soccer, enjoyed in countries run by Monarchies, dictators and thugs. It is about as exciting to watch as Cricket, with about as many points scored during a game. The fans are violent bullies who blame every loss on the star players sex life.
    The more a people yearn to be free, the more people play Baseball.

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