Why NOT reach out to Muslims?

Jon Stewart for Ambassador to Everywhere.

I mean, Jaysus H. The guy can quote his scriptures and everything. And thanks, Sis. Sensible, for the link. You liberal fart-bag.

(You really have to go to the link to get that joke. Perhaps you’ll be offended, anyway, but there it is.)

And Pastor Wayne? Get a grip, won’t you?

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  1. Judging by the number of comments here, I would guess that most folks believe that we have, but they haven’t returned our calls.

  2. It IS interesting when some threads don’t get reactions and others do. I wonder if sometimes we just can’t get to everything OR if we get caught up in specific threads OR we arent interested enough….

  3. I felt that Jon Stewart had covered it all. What else was there to say? I love the guy and his writers.

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