Utah sees Arizona’s hand, and raises them…something

A list went out to Utah law enforcement officials and members of the media that included quite a lot of detail about 1,300 Utah residents, some with Hispanic/Latino/a last names. The list was titled “Illegal Immigrants.”

The list came from people calling themselves “Concerned Citizens of the United States.” The detailed information contained in the list has worried officials. One sheriff said:

“These are individuals who have no ability to defend themselves from the accusation. We live in a country of laws. I, for one, would not want to be branded with something without some sort of due process and that is what this seems to be.”

And thanks, Sis. Sharon, for the link.


7 responses to “Utah sees Arizona’s hand, and raises them…something

  1. White Nationalism on the march!

    • Whoever sent the list is a coward.

      • Sounds like some people involved with a state agency, like what was mentioned in the article.
        And I’m not buying the “concern” of state officials. The only thing they’re concerned about is getting sued…or worse. Terrorizing Hispanics is part of the game. They’re crafting a law just like Arizona’s.

  2. Worse – a coward who thinks he/she is righteous.

    A proverbial white hood.

  3. Carol the Long Winded

    Yeah, I guess they didn’t sign their names because they don’t want everyone in their dirty laundry.

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