Neck straight, shoulders back: A girl’s guide to being a businessman

Thank goodness we have Forbes to help us up the corporate ladder with these handy tips of body language mistakes wimmens make.

Have at it, heathens, but don’t miss Pursuit of Harpyness’ take on it.


9 responses to “Neck straight, shoulders back: A girl’s guide to being a businessman

  1. So, Elena Kagan had it right when she did NOT cross her legs and “claimed more turf”. Either we’re too feminine or not feminine enough, ’cause we’re not men.

    That video was adorable!

  2. Its a wonder we women get anything done at all with all the things we need to do and be!

    Wouldn’t you love to be able to laugh with the abandon that little one has?!

    • When I’m with my brother, Tom, I do. Especially if he burps. He still can — I believe — burp the alphabet.

      • When I’m with my 2 childhood girlfriends and someone burps, we still put our thumbs upsidedown, up on top of our heads and start laughing. Yeah, I know. You’re thinking “What the hell is she talking about?” It started when we were 5 and we never outgrew it. I don’t even know how that got started.

        • What does that signify, though, upside-down thumbs?

          • I have no idea what an upside down thumb on top of your head means. (We didn’t stick out our pinky so I guess it doesn’t mean cow.) All I know is the last one to do that has to say “excuse me”.
            Upside down thumbs out in front means, “bad”, right?

            • That’s just precious. My sons used to yell “Safety,” which means they didn’t have to buy you a Coke. But if you didn’t yell it, you had to buy them one. i have no idea where that came from. And I didn’t buy them a Coke, either.

        • If the little finger sticks out when you put your thumbs upside down on your forehead, that is the sign for “cow.”

          So, I guess what you have been doing all these years is to make the sign for a polled (dehorned) cow.

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