Sexism hurts men, too

And here’s how.

I tried to think of something that wasn’t included in this list, but I think I feel sorriest for men in that they’re expected always to sac up, suck it up, and don’t cry. That must truly suck.

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  1. Hurt me, hurt me!
    My Mom’s car stopped running as she entered the highway. She pulled over, opened the hood and waited. A man stopped to see if she needed help, so of course she asked him to look at the engine and find out what was wrong. He explained that he knew nothing about cars but would go call for help. (this happened during the days before cell phones.) Mom couldn’t understand why a man would not know how to rebuild an engine. “You’re a man, take a look.”
    I don’t know if this experience hurt him, but it would sure make me feel inadequate.
    Mom’s good at that.

    1. You’re a man, take a look. Yep. And its corollary: What? You don’t cook?!

  2. As I’ve mentioned before, I was a car salesperson for a short period in the early 70s. Some male customers would really want to talk tech, and I was good for a short time on that and then I think they were disappointed, but some male customers were obviously relieved that their salesperson probably wasn’t going to try to out-car-knowledge them. It was an interesting realization, for me.

  3. Oh how I can relate!. I spent a lot of my professional life in middle and elementary schools situations where I was often either the only are the closest of the avaliable male figures. If ANYTHING broke I was expected to fix it. Cars, computers, pencil sharpeners, window shades didn’t matter if it was mechanical or electronic I was supposed to be the miracle worker fixer because I was a MALE! The tough kid that nobody could handle? humm he/she always ended up as my problem. Well, I am not particularly mechanically inclined and understanding quadratic equations does equate to fixing carburaters with spit and bailing wire nor does it help much in calming hysterical/adolescents or pre-adolescents.

    1. Bu…bu…but: You’re a guy! (True confession time, and yes, I know you didn’t ask for it but still, it’s my blog and I’ll spew if I want to: When I was getting to know Mr. DJ (before he was Mr. DJ, that is), I was shocked that he didn’t follow team sports. I mean, he didn’t know the Cardinals’ line-up, which was forgivable, sort of, because he’s not from Missouri, but he wasn’t sure which team played what sport — Giants, Mets, Red Sox, it was all the same to him. And I had to talk myself through that, loving a guy who didn’t care about team sports. It was a real problem for me.)

      1. … and has he seen the light, and learned to love team sports? Women often are expected to do that.

  4. I’m like Mr. DJ. Team sports? Nyah.

    Support Auburn or Alabama?

    None of the above.

  5. I participated in sports in High School and college but never have gotten into keeping up with stats of players or teams. I live next to Norman and could not give many stats about OU football. But I don’t feel less of a man.
    And real men cry and wear pink. We are velvet and steel.
    I am tired of all the trite put down of men in the media.

    1. It’s insidious, isn’t it? And it doesn’t life women up at all, putting down men.

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