Some mid-day comfort

Sis. Cynical offers this, an edited version of a recent sermon by Robert Jensen. He said:

We are not special. We are an organism like all others, the product of an evolutionary process in a very big universe in which we are, as individuals, insignificant. But don’t fret about that; we are also insignificant as a species, and the collection of entities on Earth that we call “life” is insignificant, as is the planetary ecosystem in which we live and our solar system and our galaxy. We are, in the big picture, insignificant beings floating in insignificance in a universe that is vast beyond human comprehension.

If anyone is still wrestling with that one, still searching for some essential meaning to our existence, I have some simple advice: Get over it, and start pulling your weight in the meaning-making enterprise. If there’s meaning in any of this, we create it ourselves, and we need all hands on deck for that one.

And he said this:

We all need a philosophy, a theology, a worldview to deal with this. Call it radical humanism, as Abe did. Call it Christianity, as we do. Call it whatever you like, so long as you answer the call to live your own life in solidarity, as love in action. That task has never been easy for people, and it has never been harder than in the anguish of end times.

We cannot know what lies ahead, we can only love and act.


2 responses to “Some mid-day comfort

  1. He may have just summed up my present feeling about the situation of humanity at this point in exsistense. I would have said “at this point in history” but that term now sounds so egocentric, callous and superficial. I would urge all of you to follow this link and read the rest of the sermon.

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