Ground Zero-area community center/prayer hall backlash in 3-2-1…

After a New York commission cleared the last hurdle for construction of Cordoba House in downtown Manhattan, the conservative law firm American Center for Law and Justice will file an appeal.

1. As has been pointed out elsewhere, calling this simply a “mosque” is stretching it, as the idea of the structure is to bring all people — of whatever faith or of no faith — together. But so what if it was a mosque?

2. It’s not at “Ground Zero,” but at a site where now stands building that was hit by debris when the planes hit the World Trade Center. But so what if it was?

3. Here’s more on the American Center for Law and Justice, just for context.

4. Here’s more on Cordoba House — also, for context.

5. And here’s more on intolerance — ditto. And here, from Bro. Newt Gingrich, is an illustration of that intolerance.

6. And here’s more on why “Cordoba” is a wonderful, multi-cultured name for the initiative.

(That’s a photo of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a few other supporters of Cordoba House taken Tuesday.)


53 responses to “Ground Zero-area community center/prayer hall backlash in 3-2-1…

  1. If I had been a Christian living during the Middle Ages, and if I had a choice of living under the rule of the Caliphate or under the rule of the Roman Catholic Church, I’d take my chances the Caliphate.

    “Córdoba received what was then the largest library in the world, housing from 400,000 to 1,000,000 volumes.”

    This just makes me want to cry. What happened to all those volumes? I’ll bet the Church had them burned.

  2. What a classless, and sacrilegious thing to write…to some of here the Pope is sacrosanct.

    • The pope is a man who knowlingly harbored (for lack of a better word) pedophiles. He deserves nothing but my contempt.

      And based on your coment, I suppose it’s perfectly fine to disparage the Muslims?? That certainly seems to be in fashion, no?

    • Sacrilegious? I make jokes about both God and Jesus — at a slightly higher pay grade than the Pope. I believe they can all have senses of humor about it.

      • C’mon, Todd, attack DJ now. I dare you.

          • What? Attack me? This is weird.

            • Todd has from time to time attacked one of us commenters (usually female) for what he considers crude or classless language or opinions, even while you might use the same language or imagery and he doesn’t dare say anything to you.

              • Oh. I get it. But if any one attacks me, I’m evil.

                You’ve all been warned.

                In fact, this blog is so cool compared to my work-day blog, where people pretty much appear to log on in attack mode. I say that with love. I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining, but the difference in the conversation is pretty stark.

      • Mario Saccoccio

        Who do you think invented humor? Jerry Lewis?
        God has quite the sense of humor…just look at France.

        • How to say this without being indelicate: If I want to see evidence of God’s sense of humor, I simply have to look at human genitalia — my own, or that of a willing partner’s.

          Thank you. I shall add nothing to do that. I think I’ve said enough.

    • Aye, that’s the problem. See Threesa’s comment on harboring pedophiles.

      The Pope may be sacrosanct for some, but not for everyone. Sorry about that, Benedict.

      We Episcopalians don’t have Popes* but we do have bishops, which the Pope is. I’ve done battle with plenty of bishops and lived.

      *The Rev. Jesse A Pope, Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts, was a friend for many years until his death.

      • “The Rev. Jesse A Pope, Episcopal priest ”

        I love that!

        Toddd’s just jerking our chain about the Bishop of Rome, trying to make us apologize. If Toddd had any respect at all for the Pope, he would have paid attention when the Vatican said that the invasion of Iraq does not rise to the moral status of a “just war.

  3. It’s not sacrilegious if you don’t accept that religion.

    And classless? Who are you to determine that?

  4. Seeing that our “friend”, Todd, has tucked tail and bail, one can only conclude that the is a spineless weenie boy.

  5. Theresa,

    You can call me any names you like-after all, you casually throw the pope under the bus, and even called your own nephew a SOB…I just consider the source.

    • If you want to be treated with respect, you need to give respect back. Plain and simple… something that you, the pope, my nephew and countless others don’t seem to comprehend. I’m a firm believer in treating people the same way they treat others.

    • “…I just consider the source.”

      As I do about your commentary.

  6. There are so many more places where this mosque could be built-two blocks from Ground Zero seems at best a tad bit insensitive. It reeks of a in your face…take that!

    While we are at why not build a mosque at the Pentagon and the farmland in Pennsylvania where United Flight 93 crashed? Why should Ground Zero have all of the fun!

    Quick somebody get CT Governor Rell on the phone…we need to erect a statue of Omar Thornton at Hartford Distributors. Thornton was caught stealing from this company and instead of resigning-he killed eight people and himself earlier this week.

    • But to me, if we whine about this, we look like we’re embracing ourselves as victims. And a mosque is hardly the same as a statue to the Manchester shooter.

    • Todd, you are clear that you don’t think it should be built here. I’m wondering if you think they should be prohibited from developing this site?

    • Your analogy is wrong, you self-righteous blowhard. You and your ilk are condemning an entire group for the actions of a few. It’s like condemning all the employees of Hartford Distributors because one of them went on a murderous rampage.

      Now, why is it that we all have to respond (classily and with unwarranted respect, no less) when Todd the Troll continually dishes out predictable crap like this?

      • His deluded mind has him thinking he’s “speshul”.

      • “Now, why is it that we all have to respond (classily and with unwarranted respect, no less) when Todd the Troll continually dishes out predictable crap like this?”

        And why does he think it’s appropriate to tell me how to better spend my life (according to HIM), when at one point he called me bossy for … what … saying something that HE interpreted as telling someone what to do?

        I dunno — he hooks us, which is just what he wants to do apparently — I don’t understand his motives here. It’s not like he’s going to change anyone’s mind, or add anything original to the conversation.

  7. It’s not about the mosque…it all about where it may be built.

    Just because five or six people on this thread have no problem where it is planned to be built…does not mean that they have their fingers on the pulse of the rest of the country…seriously.

    Good luck also finding a NYC construction company willing to build this project. Think of the innocent people-nearly three thousand that died that horrible day. How about an ounce of respect for the victims, the firefighters, and police who died that day?

    The name-calling “ladies” is really funny…”Todd the Troll” & “blowhard.” WOW that’s really original stuff-you should write professionally.

    • Just trying to meet you at your level, Toddy.

    • Since when does the “rest of the country” get a vote on what a private property owner is allowed to build on his private property? I thought the right to own private property was one of those God-given rights that the American Revolutionaries fought for?

  8. “The name-calling “ladies” is really funny…” ”

    Don’t forget, Todd, few of us would want to be what YOU describe as “ladies.” You keep coming back to that, yet it’s a very outmoded concept. We are women who are as free to express our opinions as you are, and in the way we choose. Oh, and I notice you didn’t rail at DJ for calling you a snotwad — just asked what it meant. You KNOW what it meant.

  9. Cynical,

    Seriously you need a new hobby…keeping track of what DJ and I write back and forth can’t be that much fun…can it? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C !

    Ride a bike, plant a garden, go for a long walk, re-read a classic you once enjoyed when you were much younger. Take up golf, learn how to play an instrument, call someone’s nephew a SOB, learn a new language, try yoga!

    The intensity of your monitoring is troubling-heck why not change up your boring and tired routine…go save a whale, hug a tree, convert a carnivore!

    Good luck Cynical…I am pulling for you! The first step to change is always the most difficult…now go get ’em!

    • Todd

      I do many of those things. Occasionally as I move around the house with indoor activities, I check out the scene here. Keeping track of you is such fun — you have such a double standard about some things.

      Who was it who remembered who called whose nephew an S.O.B.? I’ve noticed this before — you certainly seem to be able to dredge up details about other commenters from your own memory. And by the way, my life is much more interesting now than it was when I was “much younger.”

      Pathetically yours, Cynical

      • Oh, and why not actually ADDRESS the things that we ask or say about you? Why not really talk about why it is that women aren’t supposed to use certain words or voice certain concepts, for example?

  10. Toddd the Life-Coach!

  11. Rabbis Rally in Support of “Ground Zero Mosque”|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link5|

  12. When I was out walking at lunchtime, I passed a Muslim woman and her daughter. I came up from behind them and politely asked (with a “smile in my voice”) if I could sneak by as I was doing the power walk thing. The poor woman cowered and apologized profusely for blocking the sidewalk. I smiled even larger and told her she did absolutely nothing wrong and went on my merry way. The encounter upset me. This woman was visibly afraid of me for no reason whatsoever. I was friendly, cheerful, polite, etc. , and she was afraid of me!! Is this the path we want to go down??? A Muslim woman being afraid of Whitey??? This Islamophobia that is permeating our world disgusts me.

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