Your gun or your sex

In states were gun are relatively loose, you’d be hard-pressed to find sex education classes taught in schools. More here, from Lisa Russ, at AlterNet.


6 responses to “Your gun or your sex

  1. To be honest here, Ms. Russ only talks about two states, Montana and Texas, and she offers no information on the gun laws in either, so we really have no information in the article that proves gun laws in those states are “relatively loose,” that is, more lax than laws in other states.
    (If she was a journalist, I mean a real journalist, she might have come across some recent articles discussing the gun laws in Montana that could generate much more sensationalism than this tripe she concocted for AlterNet. But that would mean doing some research to get a little background. But, in mimicking her mentors at FOX News and AlterNet, research and backround…fact checking… simply out of the question.)

    And in using FOX News as her primary resource about Montanans, she cites a relatively minor controversy in one of 438 school districts to imply Montanans care more about gun education than sex education, without any information on the state of gun education or sex education in Montana, conveniently forgetting that the reason the subject controversy arose was the fact Montanans do care about their children’s’ education and actively communicate that fact to their representatives on their school boards, at least in that one of 438 school districts.

    So let’s review: We have no information on existing gun laws in either of the states mentioned in the story…we have no information on the actual state of sex education in any of the 438 school districts inMontana…as for Texas, we do get a stunning complex sentence analyzing a university study, blatantly plagiarized from the Dallas Observer and Patrick Williams…and we get some two year old myopic op-ed from The New Yorker on evangelical teen sex and pregnancy, (which has really nothing to do with the story…I think…it’s hard to tell reading deep thinkers like Russ…I better try again. It might be over my head.)

    So what we got here is bullshit. It’s not even good bullshit. Russ just regurgitates old op-eds and plagiarizes other writers in a style that is distinctly AlterNet, completely devoid of any standards of professionalism or hint of intellectualism, in an attempt to disguise a blog post as journalism.

    Bullshit in. Bullshit out. AlterNet. The Progressive FOX News.

  2. A girl who has a gun can say “No!” with a lot more authority.

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