An anti-terrorist camp

Teaching young Muslims to counter the message of radicals.

And thanks, Bro. Mike, for the link.

And thanks, Bro. Oral Roberts, for the fabulous praying hands.


6 responses to “An anti-terrorist camp

  1. Mario Saccoccio

    I have been attending a sort of anti-terrorist camp this week. I am the program director of a Cub Scout day camp here in CT. I’ve taken 7~12 year old’s hiking, where we found a 4′ black rat snake, handed out snacks, sat with them for lunch, added ice to their water jugs, attended a mobile petting zoo, flung dog food from sling-shots, taught them how to spot poison ivy, got squirted with a fire hose, watched a K-9 dog sniff out drugs, saw a traveling reptile demonstration and answered numerous questions, mostly about port-o-potties and privacy.
    I hope that they will one day remember Mr. Mario and would be tolerant of me when I am old and need my SSI.
    Perhaps we should structure camp like a jobs fair. Hey, someone’s gotta pay for this massive Government debt. If I were them and found out how much of a burden we were causing to them and their families, I would blow old people up. We deserve it.

    • Mario, this is the sweetest and move lovable description I’ve ever heard of Cub Scout camp. Have you earned your Polar Bear badge? The night I earned mine, I was woefully uncomfortable and kind of hoped the badge came wrapped in a large sleeping bag for the next freezing camping trip.

      • Mario Saccoccio

        This was a day camp. I just got home, will slap a few pork chops in the oven and veg out all night! I’m beat! I did the polar bear thingy years back. Burrr!
        I worked this camp last year as staff and noticed that it could be done better as the boys (and the leaders) were not having a good time. A friend and I were asked to run it this year and we charged into the job like teenage boys on a six-pack. Instead of complaints, we received complements. All the staff agreed to return for next year and the parents have said that their children all want to return next year. I can’t wait.
        At the last hour, we had a boy fall and break his arm, which was the only problem we had all week. My knee is the size of a small melon, but it was worth it. I almost forgot how precious these young boys can be.
        If only they would listen…

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