Four in 10 Americans have no opinion on Cordoba House

So says Gallup.

Is that news? Those with opinions, however, hold them strongly.

And then, there are people like this.


56 responses to “Four in 10 Americans have no opinion on Cordoba House

  1. I have a negative opinion about those who have a negative opinion.

    But otherwise, I have no opinion.

  2. I keep hearing “The American people are against it!” or “Most Americans are against it!” bandied about.
    But if four in 10 have no opinion, and if we presume that at least SOME of us support Cordoba House….How can it be a majority that’s against it?
    Just askin’.

  3. Carol the longwinded

    The right kind of Christians get extra votes.

  4. Mario Saccoccio

    It’s like that old saying, “Figures lie and liars figure.”
    Polls are never 100% accurate, if at all.

  5. I wonder if Jonah is related to Bernie…both are plenty smart and have a ton of common sense:

    • Sorry to put it this way, but I think Jonah’s remarks are bigoted. I know you don’t like that word, but it fits. To suggest that the Cordoba House “be quietly stopped” is like suggesting that the blacks quietly not be permitted to ride on the white end of the bus or that the women quietly be prevented from voting or that the Japanese be quietly stopped from owning any businesses in San Francisco in the ’50s. You’ve got to be kidding? This is America and ALL Americans have rights in every inch of this country.

      Not only that, as someone else pointed out (in something I read), we are right now fighting in the Middle East to protect “peaceful muslims” from terrorists. Americans are risking their lives to do that. Have some forgotten about that? Let’s remember that terrorists and muslims are not all on the same side. The world is so full of contradictions.

  6. Polls are like assholes. Everybody has one and think theirs don’t stink.

    The question as stated does not ask wether the respondents approve or disapprove of Muslims building a community center, but wether they approve or disapprove of Obama’s remarks on the subject. The President made two separate statements on the issue. One apparently stating Muslims had the same rights as any religious group in this country, the other apparently saying while Muslims have the same rights as any religious group in this country that doesn’t mean he thinks they’re acting “wisely.” The question fails to inform the respondent which remarks are at issue, one or both, and continues the misinformation promulgated by the NewsCorp Propaganda Model by referring to the community center as a “mosque.”

    Given most people rely on the NewsCorp Propaganda Model for news and information, I’m not surprised most respondents would strongly disapprove of anything the President said about anything. Even myself, who relies on a propaganda model completely removed from the NewsCorp Three Ring Clown College of Journalism, depending on the placement of the question in a series of questions, would most likely have clicked “strongly disapprove” for reasons completely unrelated to the issue of wether Cordoba House should be built within the confines of the Tea Party’s Holy Ground.

    The poll is irrelevant, really, because the bigots have won this round. Whatever these people do, they’re screwed. If they go forward with their plans to build a community center, they face continuing bigotry from the corporate media. If they capitulate, they face disdain from their own community and the supporters who think rights and liberties guaranteed by law should not be subject to Tea Party Popularity Contests.

    • I agree with just about everything you said, except for the part about the corporate media. I am a member of the corporate media and I feel compelled to defend myself. So long as I have a keyboard and access to the printing press, you won’t hear me beating a war drum.

      • I really don’t consider you part of the corporate media. But I will be sure to keep it in mind in the future.

        • Well, I eat at the same trough as the rest of the corporate media. My press pass screams “Corporate Media.” We’re not all tools of the corporations, I promise, though I understand the desire to label us as such. We’ve dropped (I’ve dropped) the ball on countless important issues while we go chasing not-so-important (but imminently readable) issues. That will be the impetus of my exit, most likely.

  7. Can we all say One-Termer? By late January of 2013…Obama will have plenty of time of his hands to play as much basketball and golf as he likes.

    While he has dropped the ball on many issues in his first 19 months…this just might be his biggest fumble:

    • I was reminded again why I rarely click on Toddd’s links. Here’s the complete misstatement of the actual situation in Manhattan that lies at the heart of this opinion piece: “a shadowy foreign foundation with suspicious financing and disturbing jihadi connections that wishes to build some kind of victory monument congruent to the site of the 9/11 massacre”.

      How much more wrong-headed can you be?

      • Mario Saccoccio

        “How much more wrong-headed can you be?”
        OK then, disprove it…

        • After you disprove that you’re a cross-dressing pot dealer with a secret second identity as a Soviet spy with disturbing Mafia connections.

          See, allegations are easy – and only take 2 seconds. Refuting them is harder, and takes much longer. Also – you can’t prove a negative!

  8. 5% of people believe Obama is a Muslim. What do you do with people like that? Cordoba house is no different than any other religios center. If they are not breaking any laws, how can you stop them? This country cannot pick one religion and condemn it. One of the principles that made this country both a magnet for immigrants and a country that will never tolerate either a dictator or emperor is freedom of religion.
    Look at the Mormons. They were chased out of Illinois and Missouri, persecuted to the point where there was terrible violence [on both sides] and yet today they still thrive. Still to this day the ugliness of those times leave one with a sour taste in one’s mouth.
    We are not at War with the Muslim religion. We are at War with a faction that encourages death, violence, and self immolation [with guests] in the name of their religious beliefs, perverse as they are. We are at War with a group of people whose interpretation of the Muslim religion is at odds with our modern Western civilization. Do the people who run and attend the potential Mosque fit into this category? I think not.

  9. Here are some poll numbers for all of the grown ups in the room:

    • Yes, Todd. You are missing quite a lot. Let me enumerate, but I don’t have much time so I’ll only use a few:

      1. If the candidate did say that? It was a slip of the tongue.

      2. Do you really want me to go into slips of the tongue committed by people who sit on your side of the room?

  10. VP Dan Quayle added an extra letter at the end of the word “potato” and many comedians added years to their professional lives.

    Obama can claim that we have 57 states in the United States, make fun of the Special Olympics, he can even “speak Austrian”, talk about the police acting “stupidly” and nobody ever dares call him on it. Heck, the Smartest President Ever even didn’t know the “ps” is silent in corpsman! Imagine if George W. Bush had spoken any of these delightful comments. The Smartest President Ever…indeed!

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