The Duggars are having another baby

And baby makes 20.

By all indications, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — father and mother of the tribe — are not just a popular unscripted television show. They’re part of the conservative Christian Quiverfull movement. You can read more about it here. It is mostly an American movement.



10 responses to “The Duggars are having another baby

  1. I can’t discuss. It makes my womb hurt.

  2. After nearly losing both Josie and Michelle with the last one….I hope for health for everyone and my profound sympathies for the older girls, whose possible courtship will be delayed so they can care for their younger siblings.

  3. The rather unfortunate term that springs to mind is “brood mare.” I know, not nice!

  4. Is the game to see how many “J” names they can come up with? If so, no one said you had to use them all.

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