The unbearable Kardashian-ness of Herman Cain

Michael Scherer writes at Time:

Celebrity is not the only area of American life that the media has turned into  an ontological head scratcher. It’s happening in politics too.


This has been Cain’s approach to leadership ever since he left his job at  Godfather’s Pizza 16 years ago. He immediately founded a company called T.H.E.  Inc, or The Hermanator Experience, and after several years running the National  Restaurant Association, he basically became a full-time self-promotor. Instead  of leading actual companies, he sold pamphlets on leadership, and books on  leadership, and he gave speeches on leadership. He sold the idea of leadership.


6 responses to “The unbearable Kardashian-ness of Herman Cain

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while now: many Americans are confused about the difference between voting for the next American Idol, and voting for the next president. The consequences of the latter are negligible, forgotten within days or weeks.

  2. I meant “former,” not “latter,” but I know you knew what I meant.

  3. He is running to gain fame and promote his own interests. OR.. He is delusional, either way he’s a joke.

    • Did I hear on the radio this morning that there is talk about having a press conference with all his accusers? Would THAT not be an indication to Mr. Cain to let it go? To stop running for president and start cleaning up this mess?

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