Does attending worship services make you pack on the pounds?

David Briggs thinks so, at Huffington Post. He writes:

In one study of some 5,500 women and men ages 45 to 84, participants were more likely to be obese the more religiously active they were. Each step of the way, from those never attending worship to those attending weekly, greater religious activity was associated with significantly higher rates of obesity.


Six major studies of mortality risks in the last 10 years found frequent worship attenders were anywhere from 18 percent to 35 percent less likely than non-attenders to have died during the time period studied, says researcher George Fitchett of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Or does attending worship services make you optimistic? Or might it be a combination of the two? Neither?

And if you don’t attend at all? Hard to say. But thanks, Jennifer, for the link.

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