Uh…Penn State?

Childhood sex abuse survivors are appalled at your behavior.

My friend Janice suggests we all take a moment at noon today to think about victims of child sex abuse, and send them our love. I think that is a beautiful idea.

And thanks, Jac, for the link.

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  1. A law should be passed that would make EVERY adult a mandated reporter. Obviously, many people think it’s ok to just walk away and let someone else deal with situations involving sexual abuse.

  2. Also appalling is the fact that the man who finally reported the rape to his superiors has been threatened — IF I thought the threats were because he didn’t go to the police immediately, I’d not be so pissed I guess — but I gather the threats are because he actually did a tiny fraction of what he should have done.

  3. Like others I wonder why the guy who witnessed the rape did not grab the perp and knock him silly or yell or take some kind of action. I think how the child must have felt doubly betrayed.

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