New York police evict Occupy Wall Street

While you were sleeping, New York police cleared out Occupy Wall Street protesters who’d been encamped at Zucotti Park since September 17. Roughy 70 people were arrested.

They were evicted, say police, because of concerns for health and fire safety. A Twitter message from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office said the protesters could return after the park was cleared. This after tweets such as this one, where the mayor sais that Occupy Wall Street protesters are:

“really hurting small businesses and families.”

But the movement, say organizers, goes on.

Police also raided Occupy Oakland earlier on Monday. That movement continues, as well.

What does this mean to Occupy Hartford? I’ll be talking to protesters  today to find out. So far, the consensus is that the movement is more than a physical space (which in Hartford, is Turning Point Park, a slip of land at the spot where Farmington and Asylum split). So…uh…stay tuned? No. That‘s not right. But yeah. Something like that.

Getty Images


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