The war against the poor in America

Read Al Jazeera’s take on it here.

And thanks, Sensible, for the link.


One response to “The war against the poor in America

  1. Some might be inclined to discount this because it comes from Al Jazeera. But Warren Buffett talks about the same stuff in an interview described in this piece: Warren Buffett: ‘My Class Has Won’ And ‘It’s Been A Rout’

    But, I forgot. Some who claim to be the “adults” in the conversation have all the answers. Poverty is the fault of the poor. Being unemployed is the fault of the unemployed. Being elderly and in poverty is the result of years of poor planning. Health care is a privilege, not a right, and nobody should help anybody else. We cannot afford to help anybody except the unborn, whose welfare should be put WAY ahead of the mother’s. And if we need more money to run the place, let’s get it from the folks who have the least, and certainly NOT from those who have the most. Oh, and since those “adults” claim sole dominion over the moral high ground, what with their claims of patriotism and family values, and and their public displays of Christian faith (notwithstanding Matthew 6:5-8), etc. they must be right. Right? Just asking.

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