This is what democracy looks like

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To see what religion lobbies spend major money in Washington, go here.

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To read more about American Israel Public Affairs Committee, go here. To read more about the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, go here. To read more about Family Research Council, go here. To read more about FRC’s Tony Perkins’ odd concerns about Pres. Obama, go here. To hear Newt Gingrich on the Occupy movement, go here.


8 responses to “This is what democracy looks like

  1. “To read more about FRC’s Tony Perkins’ odd concerns about Pres. Obama, go here.”

    No offense, Christians, but don’t people who say things like this seem like big crybabies? “Waaaaah, Obama’s not saying things the way we want him too! Waaaah! He’s not making the country in our image! Waaaah!”

    • No offense taken. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The faith should be strong enough to withstand what Tony Perkins calls “disdain.” It is, after all, strong enough to withstand the likes of Tony Perkins.

  2. I’d like to say that Tony Perkins “has a disdain for Christianity” and is creating “an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity.”

    I’m thankful we have the freedom to peacefully assemble. However, I believe we need a bridge between “occupying” and new legislation & change. As it is now, I see a wide gap. I’m wondering if our 99% needs a nonpartisan spokesperson who could rally all of us in a coordinated, targeted way to get corporate influence out of Washington – to start. I think there needs to be a first objective and I know that’s easier said than done.

    • I don’t have an issue with occupying anywhere, any more than I have an issue with demonstrations in general. I may not agree with everything the demonstrators are pushing toward, but I appreciate the reminder that I need to be involved. Does that make sense? My politics don’t gibe with much of what’s coming out of the Tea Party, say, but I don’t mind them demonstrating.

  3. It does make sense. I suppose I’m a little frustrated because I want results – change. It seems both Rep & Dem aren’t seriously paying attention. I’ve been hearing they are choosing to distance themselves. When I hear that, I wonder if Occupy is helping or hurting the chances of greater financial equality and less corp influence on government. I see potential in Occupy, but am losing hope it will lead us to results & success. TheTeaparty movement has been successful in imbedding itself into the political discussion. I’d like the same for Occupy. Not that I know how to that…

    • No, that makes sense. I think there’s a tug between believing in the political system and seeing it as ineffective. If the lobbyists hold such sway — as I believe they do — then the game is already over. The Tea Party movement appears to want to work within the political system — and so they’ve had some power in electing candidates, etc. The Occupy movement (and this is a gross generalization, I imagine) appears to not embrace the political system so much. I can’t say that I blame them, but that renders their effectiveness within the system, well, not that effective.

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