All good things etc.

In the brief period since I stabbed Still Small Voice (my Hartford Courant blog) and let it bleed out on the floor (a combination of technical difficulties and more technical difficulties made it an impossible blog to maintain), I have come home to Dating Jesus to keep the conversation going.

And now? I am relaunching my Courant blog, Still Small Voice, at, as of today. It has all new shiny buttons and technical support and everything but the pony.

I hope you’ll make the trek back, and I hope you’ll forgive me for yanking you over here for a while, but I found that I missed blogging after a few days of not-blogging — which is kind of sad, if you ask me.

Do wander over? Please? And do feel free to share your ideas for future blog posts. I’m always looking.


12 responses to “All good things etc.

  1. So wait — we have to pack up our stuff again and move with you?

  2. I don’t see your Courant blog.

  3. I can get to it directly from your link above, however, I can’t get to it from the Courant website. You’re still linked to your old blog.

  4. Boy Howdy!! Off to do battle with Todd, CC, tommyboy and the rest of the Bushites and Palinists!!

  5. Mike the Heathen


  6. i’ll come (i already bookmarked) but i’d be a little more excited if there was a pony!

  7. Anne Beauregard

    Hi Susan, Anne here (formerly of Bodyworks in Marlborough). I frequently read your column in the Courant (often passing it along to husband and two teens if it’s of particular interest) and was sooooo sad to read last Sunday’s saying you’re outta there! I’m sure this move will work out for the best for you, but I’m going to miss that connection! I treasure my signed copy of Dating Jesus and often loan it out. Yes, I sometimes “brag” a little that “I knew you when…”. I know, that’s not very humble! I see you’ve been speaking at various venues (most recently you came to my own church in Marlborough and I was not able to attend because of a previous engagement – bummer). So many good things are happening for you! Tell me where to follow you and I’m there!!!! Peace, Anne B.

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