Wisconsin is voting whether to recall Gov. Scott Walker, and…

…here‘s a look at Gov. Walker’s tenure.

(And thanks, Sharon H., for the photo.)

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  1. The Wisconsin recall has become more about the ability to turn out voters than Walker’s tenure.

    After The Tea Party Impact in Indiana that sent Richard Lugar packing, the Democrats better have more in their pocket than Wild Bill Clinton and a Presidential Fly-By.

    Ryan Hecker, chief operations officer for FreedomWorks for America (the FreedomWorks Super PAC) called Indiana, “ground zero” for the Tea Party. Hoping to capitalize on the momentum, ground zero now shifts to Wisconsin, where all of the national Tea Party groups have the state in their sights.

    The Tea Party/Mourdock share of the paltry 19% of eligible voters participating in Indiana was 61%. Not even spending almost $3.5 million more than Mourdock could deflect the momentum of the vanguard.

    Let’s see…two popular politicians locked in a dead heat for a top political post…where have I heard that before?

    1. It’s weird, because the coverage has mostly been about how — just as you say — this recall election stands as a symbol for…something. What that something is depends on who you’re reading/viewing.

  2. What we have here is a mighty spectacular grassroots action requiring a phenomenal effort to sustain the momentum created in the early days of the movement. (That kind of effort deserves more than a Fly-By in my opinion…A phone call, at least.) But…
    Wether the DNC wants to admit it or not, this recall is a test of political resolve.
    Sometimes it’s about more than who raises the most money.

    1. Sometimes it is, but I have long bemoaned the coverage of politics like a horse race, who has raised the most money, who’s ahead by a nose in the polls. I’m not saying that to be cranky. Everyone, go out and read “The Boys on the Bus,” and watch “Journeys with George.”

      1. Read “Boys on the Bus.” That takes me back…
        …you know…when dirty tricks were…well…dirty tricks…
        Never saw “Journeys” though I heard lots about it.

  3. From Judy, our Madison WI correspondent:

    “Ed Schultz will be broadcasting live from Monona Terrace – the Frank Lloyd Wright convention center on Lake Monona. (It was built 15 years ago from his plans – they say it couldn’t be built in his lifetime – not until all the downtown merchants that he stiffed had died.) Anyway Ed will be in town tonight and tomorrow night. He urged people to come to ,Monona Terrace. I bet the usual suspects, John Nichols, Matt Rothschild will be there.

    “….The poll worker who lives in [my] building had several hours extra training because the the protocols have been tightened against the expected recount. She must be at the poll before 6 am and doesn’t expect to be home before midnight…. 110,000 people have voted early or absentee around the state. When I voted absentee at the City Clerk’s office in 2008 I think I was the only one at the counter at the time (Then I flew east to go with [my sister] to the Town Hall in Kent on election day, and to share a celebratory pizza with Susan [the Cynical] the next day.)

    “Neighbors and friends are volunteering at phone banks and will drive people to the polls tomorrow. We’ll all be up late watching the returns. Here’s hoping for a decisive win and a change. The jury trial of one of Walker’s aides starts in two weeks.”

  4. To borrow from the rhetorical extremes, it’s the oligarchs vs. the communists. In my mind the former is much closer to the truth than then latter (of course I’d think that, I’m here aren’t I. Nice to be here by the way).
    Sunny and warm in Green Bay and Milwaukee tomorrow.
    Leftover, it’s always about turnout. Contrary to popular belief, public employees aren’t the monolithic voting block people assume. Walker went a long way in unifying them. If that turns into the turnout operation it has the potential to be then the recall folks have a shot.

    1. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I can tell you I will be watching as closely as possible. It’s fascinating, how this is playing out.

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