Mothers, let your babies grow up to play video games

But most especially, let your daughters do that. It just might lessen the gender gap in technology, says Dana Goldstein at Slate. Goldstein writes:

The tech gap begins at home, where boys get their first computers and video game consoles at a younger age than girls and are more likely to play with toys that build spatial reasoning skills, like Lego. It continues in schools, where female students voice less confidence in math, science, and computing, and it persists in the corporate world. Even among the younger generation of tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, fewer than 10 percent of all computer programmers—the field’s core job—are women, according to industry insiders.

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  1. I’m not sure any children–male or female–should spend so much time with video games–but I’m all for the Legos, Erector sets, trains, and Tinker Toys.

    1. Same here, but if you expose little girls as you expose little boys to video games — with moderation and supervision — maybe you can interest little girls in tech jobs later?

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