On second thought, I WILL write about vaginas:

No means no, but recently, when Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown tried to speak out against a massive anti-abortion bill in her state, and a fellow legislator said her statement and the word “vagina” were offensive, and not something he’d discuss in “mixed company” (that means both the vagina-blessed, and the vagina-less, I guess).

Rep. Brown was later barred from speaking about a different bill.

So — thanks to suggestions from Meh and DickG. — we should probably come up with a legislator-friendly word for a woman’s “down-yonders” (though I could also go with “nuu-nuu”). Meh suggests “Sinful Birth Digeridoo.” You?

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  1. George Carlin had some choice names; I’ll bet Congress is more familiar and comfortable with them than a medical term.

    1. So you would think, but you might like life better if you didn’t think. Ask that particular legislator.

  2. my husband would say naughty bits–I might go with “lady parts” though “down yonders” works too.

        1. I wouldn’t have thought so, no, but then I haven’t risen to the lofty level of Michigan state representative.

  3. AAAAAAAAGH! What is WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???? If “they” (or their ilk) are willing to sign on to vaginal ultrasounds, they better be willing to use the damn word. And then she was BARRED from SPEAKING? How old is her “fellow legislator?” What year is this?

  4. I am going to go paddling now, and in the middle of the Edgartown Great Pond, I am going to yell VAGINA at the top of my lungs. I hope that idiot hears me.

  5. My second thought, after being offended at such words burning into my retinas, was this scene from King of the Hill

    1. It is amazing how you can find your scriptural reference in so many different places. Thank you.

    1. I can’t speak for the collective, but that works for me on several levels.

        1. I am happy you’ve taken to that name — or it’s taken to you…forgot that song, and thank you.

  6. We use the term in healthcare every day. It’s not offensive. It’s a human body part, where that idiot and everyone else had to slide out of to take their first breath. Get over it.

  7. Back when I was a child, the only word we used for our nether regions was pee-pee. We did not speak of, and certainly didn’t name, any other parts. Consequently, when I was molested at a public swimming pool at around 10 years of age, I had no words for the discomfort I had experienced and so never spoke of it to anyone until right now. Her fellow legislator needs to get his head out of his ass.

      1. What Susan said.

        And here is yet another example of denying children the knowledge that might save them. We’re not supposed to tell them about their bodies, so they don’t know what to do if they’re molested. We’re not supposed to tell them about sex and contraception because that might make them promiscuous. We are so messed up.

        1. Christians? Would you like to respond to Cynical? I’d love it if you would.

          Actually, so would any sane person.

      2. Yes, what Susan said. And, what you said: “Her fellow legislator needs to get his head out of his ass.” I do believe “ass” is the accurate term, too.

  8. I’m pretty sure that if asked almost ALL of the people engaged in the war on women’s rights would say that the basis for what they are doing is their religion in general and Christianity in particular.

    Christianity… you know, the religion based on Jesus. Jesus, the guy who NEVER said a single thing about homosexuals or contraception or abortion, who hung out with prostitutes and spent his happy nights with 12 guys.

    Any of the hyper-Christians out there want to get into a shouting match about stuff like this? I’ve actually read the four gospels, but it appears you people haven’t. How a “tea party” person can claim to be Christian baffles me.

  9. When I was a kid, my parents (who WERE trying, so hard, to overcome their Catholic upbringings) enlightenedly referred to my brothers’ dangly bits as ” a penis”, but us girls had a nondescript “crotch”, as if we were trees! *sigh*
    My backwoods, silly, galoot of an ex’ husband, cheerfully called it a “hooter”, but the restaurant corp. says that’s breasts, I guess.
    I always like the nick-name “The Girls” for my breasts…I wonder if there’s a corresponding/co-ordinating name for my “ladyparts” that I could use- so I can have a “matched set”, so to speak. ;)
    BTW, I know that Moms need the comfort & shared knowledge they get from other Moms, and that, often that can only come from speaking euphemistically, over the heads (literally & figuratively) of their children. THAT is REALLY the only “mixed company” that any of this should need to come into play for…and, really, only because the lil’ vermin would be telling our business to All & Sundry if they knew any info’, NOT because kids shouldn’t know how body parts work.
    Susan, as always, ya flippin’ ROCK.

  10. I prefer the term I first heard used by The Bloggess, “Lady Garden”. There is even a onesie on her zazzle store that says, “Fresh fromt he Lady Garden”

  11. and look at some the other comments about OTHER stuff going on in Michigan!

  12. I hope this isn’t a repeat, but I think “Stairway to The World.” Maybe Gateway would be better but, it sounds like Led Zeppelin this way.

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