Hmm…harassing the harassers…

A man named Tony Massey is accused of harassing people who delivery goods (such as caterers) to Denver’s Planned Parenthood office. (Evidently, he is the author of this video.)

So Todd, at Voice of Choice, has suggested people who don’t like harassers do some harassing back. He suggests:

Please remember that Voice of Choice tries to lower violence and hate. We do not argue, talk about religion or politics, and we are always polite.

If anyone needs information about how to get a free virtual phone number that you can use to make these calls please let me know. The free virtual phone numbers also come with free long distance and free voice mail with voice mail messages that can be emailed. They are handy if you need to send voice mail messages to someone else. 

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  1. So what are people supposed to do with Massey’s home address? And home phone? With an untraceable number that may or may not be used unlawfully?

    Does this really sound like a responsible way to deal with people like Massey?
    I think Voice of Choice needs to step back and ask “WTF are we doing?”

    1. It struck me as them doing precisely what Massey is doing. I’m all for shutting up harassers, but.

      1. I looked through a good deal of Massey’s sites and files on those links and I couldn’t find anyone’s home address. I didn’t go through all of them, but his main activity seems to be recording businesses that abortion providers patronize and making them public.

        It struck me as similar to what folks did with Rush Limbaugh and ALEC.

        His harassment of employees of these businesses is probably, unfortunately for those employees, perfectly legal. If the abortion providers and the businesses they patronize can’t find anything illegal in Massey’s actions then there’s little that can be done.

        Publishing someone’s home address is an invitation to disaster. Anti-abortion activists don’t have a monopoly on nutbags.
        The Voice of Choice site should be taken down.

        1. I agree with much of what you say, leftover, but taking the site down is extreme if the only objection is the publishing of Massey’s home address.

          But why not publish it? it is very easy to find. I found it in seconds using some simple searching. The phone numbers are a bit more problematic. But assuming they also are findable, what is wrong with the VOC site publishing them? Yes, there are nuts all around.

          The right-wing nut cases cite the first amendment all the time. I’d say that VOC can do exactly the same.

          Still, there are nutcases all around. But, so far, though, those on the left haven’t gone off the deep end talking about “second amendment solutions,” whereas some notables on the right have done so rather openly. Some workers at abortion clinics have been killed by pro-lifers (one recently was killed while in church). I have not heard about any pro-lifers being killed by pro-choice folks.

          And kids should not be dragged into things like this, even indirectly. But the pro-lifers have no qualms doing that.

          I don’t know what a responsible way is to deal (effectively, anyway) with Massey. Got any suggestions? After all, the first amendment and public places are involved.

          1. Giving out Massey’s home address over the internet is an open invitation to take opposition to Massey’s activism to his home. It does not belong there. His family…his neighbors…should not be targets of any response to Massey’s activism.

            While Massey’s personal information may be easily obtainable, encouraging people to take their response to his legal activism to his home…which is exactly what friend Todd is doing…is wrong. Anything negative that results from that encouragement could be devastating to responsible people trying to do something constructive in this area. Using a telephone to harass Massey…or anybody…is probably illegal. Doing it with an untraceable number complicates that matter even more.

            Just because right-wing nut cases do something..that doesn’t make it right…or acceptable for responsible people. People on “the left” haven’t gone off the deep end…yet…because folks they turn to for guidance and support…generally..haven’t encouraged them. Now is not the time to start.

            As I said, there’s not much anyone can do about Massey as long as he stays within the confines of the law. Nothing would please him more…or strengthen his case…than someone crossing the line trying to deal with him.
            The only thing anyone can do is tolerate it…hope he’s the one who crosses the line…and go about with business as usual.

            That site should be taken down because it encourages irresponsible behavior. It should be taken down because just sitting there it provides ammunition to anti-choice activists to further disparage and discredit pro-choice supporters.

            1. Leftover, I agree that this whole thing is totally wrong, that people should NOT be doing stuff like this. It is wrong on a lot of levels. But the thing is, as Massey’s activism is legal, I pretty sure VOC’s activism is, too, and for the same reasons. Look, I agree that those tactics should not be used by anybody,

              I agree when you say “Giving out Massey’s home address over the internet is an open invitation to take opposition to Massey’s activism to his home. It does not belong there. His family…his neighbors…should not be targets of any response to Massey’s activism.”

              But the pro-choice people are doing it. Which, of course and I agree, does NOT make it right.

              That said, if the pro-choice folks are free to use tactics like this, society either has to figure out how to stop that kind of thing, or else I think we have to allow the pro-choice folds to use the same tactics, too.

              1. The way to protect rights, reproductive liberty…choice…is with legislation and through the courts.
                The law.
                Not by encouraging people to be bullies…or worse. Pro-choice advocates should disassociate themselves from any activist who promotes harassment, intimidation and threats against persons as a tactic.

                Anti-choice activists have encouraged people to take action against persons. When someone does, and someone gets hurt…or worse…they hold up some lame disclaimer from a website or publication that reads eerily similar to the one Stave has on his website.
                “We’re peaceful protesters.”
                The only way to change that behavior is through legislation and the courts.
                The law.

  2. Whenever I encounter something like this, I usually make donations to Planned Parenthood or NARAL in their name.

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