Life is change, and change is life.

In a few short weeks, this blog will morph — again. It has happened before, and you’re not to worry yourself about having an Interwebs home to go to to discuss the weird and wonderful world of theology and politics and the intersection thereof. (And not to worry: We’ll go down the side streets of ethics and morality without theology, as well, because that path is equally weird and wonderful.)

You’ll still have a home at a religion blog with an attitude, as presented to you by me and Tom Breen, author of The Messiah Formerly Known as Jesus: Dispatched From the Intersection of Christianity and Pop Culture. Tom used to write for the Associated Press, so we’re both refugees from the newsroom wars, and we both like to talk about God/Allah/The Great Mystery/Bacon, a lot.

I think you’re going to like the new blog. I hope you’re going to like it. We’re struggling now with naming the thing and it’s come down to this:

Hot Dogma! (I can’t help it; I like that one.)


The Back Pew.

So consider this your first involvement in the brand, spanking new blog. Which name do you like?

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    1. See, I like that one, too. It’s more irreverent, in keeping with the general

      1. I like Hot Dogma also.

        General Tone could be the name of our imaginary leader in charge of thoughtful weirdness. As in “I’ve prepared a comment but before I post I’m going to run it by General Tone” or “You’ve shown cheeky irreverence with that comment. The General will be pleased.”

        1. General Tone…I like that one, too. This is why I don’t get involved in naming things. I’m fickle.

  1. “…the weird and wonderful world of theology and politics and the intersection thereof.”

    Any side streets?

    1. Rest assured I’m not going to get all scholarly all of a sudden. That’s Tom’s job. Not really. He has scholarly chops but he’s not a show-off. I like his work or I wouldn’t throw in with him. The idea is to make a topical blog and to share the load and to become rich and famous and retire to a shoreline mansion somewhere.

  2. …one thing…a suggestion.
    If it’s possible in whatever platform of format you and Tom plan to use….please consider including an Edit feature. This would allow comments to be edited after clicking Submit.

    Other buttons are fun, too…Like, Dislike, Report/Flag, etc…but Edit would be really useful for Half-Blind Old Atheist Keyboard Squints Who Drink Too Much Coffee.

      1. Oh…and don’t forget some HTML code…like what you have now…you know…as long as your talking to the designer and all…
        Huge Half-Blind Old Atheist Keyboard Squint Who Drinks Too Much Coffee

              1. Crank O’Lishus, on the other hand, has been hanging out on the SCOTUS Blog live feed and is in a severe wretch over the summary reversal of the Montana campaign finance case. (Victory for Citizens United. No Obamacare ruling today.)
                Once the convulsions abate, he’ll be able to start the emails.

                1. Same here! I’ll load a link up, for the people who aren’t members of the Pervperv or O’Lishus families.

  3. “…Edit would be really useful for Half-Blind Old Atheist Keyboard Squints Who Drink Too Much Coffee.”

    Or for those of us who are SOOOO anxious to share our wisdom with everyone!

      1. Leftover, I wanna be on your mailing list! I can’t keep hopping around on Susan’s blog-o-the-week to keep up with you!!!
        Susan, j/k of course, I will follow you anywhere on the internets.

        1. You have to be a lot meaner to hurt my feelings on this. I do move around a lot.

    1. I really want the exclamation point in there: Hog Dogma! From the Back Pew!

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