Homelessness and your U.S. representative

Later this week, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on funding for next year’s HUD programs, including homeless assistance grants.

The the current level, the bill includes $2 billion, which would maintain the existing level of funding, but wouldn’t be sufficient to continue what is called Continuum of Care renewals.

That means at least 25,000 people will be homeless, instead of housed.


Call your representatives’ Washington office. Ask to speak to the person who handles housing. Congressional office phone numbers can be found by dialing the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 or you can go here. Urge your representative to contact the leaders of the HUD appropriations committee to express his/her support for the Administration’s requested funding level of $2.231 billion.

Here’s more.

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  1. So….are we going to take bets or start a pool on where this legislation is going to go? Because I could use some easy money.

    The Democrat controlled Senate cut $4.5 billion from SNAP, (food stamps), from its version of the Farm Bill and everybody did a little dance, if they weren’t caught yawning. This will effect about 500,000 families and reduce benefits by an average of $90 per month. The House version should be a real laugh riot. And for this we get to line up to piss in a cup to make sure we’re not the ones on drugs!

    So…homeless people? What’s another 25,000 added to over 600,000 on the streets on any given night in one of the richest nations on the planet? Do we really think that the GOP controlled House or the Democrat controlled Senate gives a rats ass about homelessness or hunger in this country?

    It’s not their problem, after all…is it?

      1. It’s not their friends or family…or their children…being put out on the street…or having food pulled off their plate.
        The only problem lawmakers have with these bills is how to keep it out of the media…or how to spin it so that half of the electorate that isn’t actually in poverty or one paycheck away from it will accept the lie that the lesser of two evils is actually not evil.

  2. Ya know, leftover, I don’t always agree with you, although most often I do. On this topic I think you have it nailed down pretty well.

    But you know what I’d really like to read? What you might write if you were half in the bag (not necessarily literally, but meaning inhibitions mostly stripped away) and you decided that you were going to put the hammer down on all twelve cylinders, pull and hold the trigger down on that .50 Cal Gatling gun, and let some bastards have it full bore, damning the torpedoes and with open-throttle full speed ahead. Damn, but THAT would be something. YeeHaa, my friend, go for it. (this is NOT sarcasm, by the way).

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