Do you think they will? Move to Canada over Obamacare, I mean?

Because some people loaded up on Twitter their desire to go to our neighbors to the north. Do they know about the health care there? Should we tell them?

Meanwhile, I’m going to miss this guy in spades:

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  1. I bet he has a fab compound there, somewhere around the airport in Liberia — that area was being “developed” when I was there a few years back. Anyway, when we discussed this a while back I recall that Costa Rica was either one below us or one above us in the international ranking of health care systems — somewhere in the mid-thirties, I think.

  2. “The formal commitment from a government to provide health care for its citizenry is magnanimous, but there’s only so much that can be done to keep the opportunistic forces of greed at bay.”


  3. And as far as Canada goes? They don’t want us, as I recall, unless we have some skills that they need.

    1. But I believe if people want to live by their principles, they should suffer a bit.

  4. I think it will spoil Costa Rica, which I hear is a nice place to live for American retirees.

  5. I always wonder why they think Canada wants them. My son is 15, and thinks he may want to emigrate to Canada. So he is basing his high school career around that.

    1. I had a chance in 2003. A job…work visa and a shot at permanent residency. But I passed on the opportunity.

      I’m beginning to think that was a mistake.

          1. It was healthcare costs…insurance costs…along with incentives from my federal government…that inspired the company to go offshore and across the border.

        1. Principle.
          I would be taking my job out of the United States to train and supervise Canadian workers that were replacing American workers. The company closed the American shop…sending half the jobs to India and half to Canada.
          I stubbornly refused to help them do it. That cost me my job…

  6. I would have jumped at the chance. After the Supremes decided the 2000 selection, I went to Canada’s immigration website and took the quiz. Missed it by *that much.* If I spoke French, or had relatives there, or were just a little younger, I might have squeaked in.

      1. You can’t. We won’t let you leave until we’ve had a road trip out to see you.

    1. I have a friend who moved there in 1978 with her then partner later husband later ex. They bought property, built a house, worked, had a daughter. My friend stayed and has worked as a children’s librarian for all this time; who knows where the ex is; the daughter has dual citizenship and goes back to Canada when she needs healthcare, for the most part; and my friend is still happy with her job and quite happy with the healthcare system.

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