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  1. Suddenly I don’t regret a single penny I’ve spent on Microsoft software over the last 30 years. You tell ’em, Melinda!

    1. I feel the same. I love what they’re doing with some of their fabulous wealth.

  2. Melinda is a Roman Catholic, too. Strange how she isn’t screaming about how her religious freedoms are being stomped on by requirements about contraception being made available to those who don’t follow the Vatican’s edicts on that subject.

    1. Maybe Melinda has spent enough time in the real world to understand the importance of reproductive agency.

      1. Gee, are you suggesting that a bunch of elderly celibate men may not have a good grasp on realities relating to sex, reproduction, women and the like?

        1. You bring to my mind the scene in “Harold and Maude” where the elderly clergyman becomes apoplectic when considering the union of the young Harold and the old Maude……..

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