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  1. Would the new restrictions have caught Ann Coulter’s error of voting in the wrong district? She’s still serving time for that, right?

  2. So what about voting in federal elections — doesn’t local voter registration include that? How can local regs cover voting in federal elections?

  3. “The federal government can step in if they feel voting rights have been negatively impacted by state regulations and requirements.”

    So where the hell are they?

    1. The Obama Justice Dept./Eric Holder has promised to take an “aggressive stance” in reviewing new voter registration laws.
      The federal government has taken action in Texas, South Carolina and Florida and local activists have been challenging some of the new laws as well.
      There’s some links in the NYT article. If you can’t get to that (subscription issues suck), or want some more, I’ll be happy to send them along.

      But basically, the federal government won’t get involved unless compelled to do so by voters’ groups in the states affected. And if the state is considered “key” or “swing” the response will be quicker. (Response in Florida was quick…a “key” state with an emerging Hispanic/Latino voting bloc highly prized by the Democrats. I haven’t seen any federal response to the situation in Pennsylvania…also “key” state for Democrats in November.)

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