Paterno knew

But you knew that already.

Here’s the Freeh report on the egregious failure of Penn State University officials to protect children from a sexual predator.

This should be a lesson to the rest of us (to steal a phrase): If you see something, say something. Say something, and then follow up and keep following up until you can sleep nights knowing you did your best to protect children from sexual predators. Childhood sexual abuse — whether the perpetrator is a stepfather, a coach, a teacher, or a neighbor — does physical, emotional, and psychic damage from which the return is grueling. We eliminate this scourge when we all speak up.

Blessings and healings to the young men, and to their families as well.


One response to “Paterno knew

  1. I think a lesson we can all take away from this …to expand a little on what you said…If you see something, say something to the police.
    Don’t start with bosses, supervisors, managers, pastors, monsignors, bishops or even campus “police.”
    Go to law enforcement and start there.
    Accountability is a crucial component…to existing victims as well as potential future victims…and to witnesses trying to sleep at night.

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