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  1. Good point! The Church really should try that, as should some of those who claim to be members thereof.

  2. Good question, leftover, because it does seem everybody’s go their own Jesus, doesn’t it?

    I mean, there is the Republican Jesus (defined by what
    Repubs fight for and against).

    There is the Catholic Jesus defined by the Vatican (meaning a bunch of celibate old men who never were married – well, at least not in modern times).

    There is the evangelical Jesus (except He has so many personalities he makes Sybil seem well-grounded and monolithic).

    There is the Mormon Jesus (who apparently spent some time in America) about 2,000 years ago.

    And the list goes on. Ya know what? I think you might be on to something. Sometimes this crap DOES make a person’s head explode.

  3. Also “the church” referring to which church (with the assumption they are not doing this)?

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