God and the eurozone

In regard to the eurozone financial crisis, Chris Bowlby at BBC News asks:

Discussion among eurozone leaders about the future of their single currency has become an increasingly divisive affair. On the surface, religion has nothing to do with it – but could Protestant and Catholic leaders have deep-seated instincts that lead them to pull the eurozone in different directions, until it breaks?


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  1. So…okay…one thing I’ve definitely learned trying to advance my understanding of capitalist economics is if you want to start an argument among Keynesian, MMT, neo-classical, classical…what-ev-er…economists, bring up “the eurozone.”
    (Another thing…IMF=BAD seems to be evolving into a general consensus.)

    And now you want to throw religion into all that.
    I’m going to pass.
    Not that I doubt the validity of what the authors are saying…I’m just trying to keep my head from exploding.

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