Tales from “Tales of a Real American Liberal”

John Sheirer sent me his new book, “Tales of a Real American Liberal,” and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.

Rock-ribbed without being strident, “Tales” started as postings on Facebook, and then became a real, live book by someone who’s put some thought into his politics. I especially like the chapter that explores Ayn Rand. Writes Sheirer:

Rand held some other beliefs that might be a bit out-of-touch with the current wing-nutty far-right version of the Republican Party. She supported abortion rights, was against legislation banning homosexuality, and opposed the Vietnam War. Such views today would certainly get her name on Glenn Beck’s conspiracy chalkboard.

Sheirer teaches at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Conn., and he lives in Northampton, Mass. If you see this book floating by, grab it.

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  1. Um, Ayn Rand was more in line with Libertarians, not Republicans. You’d think someone writing a book on politics might be aware of this widely known fact.

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