Guess I’ll bypass Chick-fil-A, then.

The chicken king, Dan Cathy, has a gay problem.

You have to wonder what would make Cathy — normally, an astute businessmansay such a thing.

And, FYI? Leave the Muppets out of it. Can someone buy Bryan Fischer a mouth-sized cork? Or a maybe a massive Deluxe?

UPDATE: Sherry sends this, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s angry letter to Chick-fil-A. Do click on this link. It’s well worth the read.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Chicago ain’t happy, either. And thanks for this, as well, Sherry.

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  1. I’m surprised that Chick-fil A had a deal with the Muppets to begin with. After all, a frog in a relationship with a pig. That’s just not right.

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