The dangers of unbridled fundamentalism (Christian version)

As DickG. says (he sent this link), Mikey Weinstein of Military Religious Freedom Foundation pulls out all the stops in his examination of Christian Dominionism (my old church!) and public policy. Weinstein writes:

Proponents of Christian evangelical fundamentalism, or Dominionism, are keen to disingenuously drape their putrid extremism in the false flags of “defending religious liberty” and “upholding family values.” Astute observers can easily discern these “all-American” buzzwords as dog-whistles meant to incite those multitudes of cretins who reside both inside and outside the closet of violent bigotry. However, the recent appointment of retired Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin as the new Executive Vice President of the putrescent Family Research Council (FRC) should leave no shadow of a doubt regarding the fundamentalists’ open embrace of a most dangerous and wholly anti-constitutional brand of religious militancy.

Here’s more on Jerry Boykin’s new job at the FRC.

I probably look like a traitor to some, giving my lil’ corner of the Interwebs over to a non-believer, but here’s how I see it: If someone is going to have faith, that someone is going to come to that faith on his/her own, and not from any yammering on my part. That someone is going to look at someone’s (probably not mine) example of faithful living, not someone’s talking about it, and make a decision. And acknowledging someone’s right to express and dwell in a world of non-theism, non-faith, or a belief in something other than what I believe in, is something Jesus would do.

See how that works?

Which reminds me — though I hardly expect you to remember — on Aug. 1 I’m substituting for John Dankosky on WNPR’s “Where We Live,” and my guests will be Dan Blinn, of Humanist Association of Connecticut, and Dan Xenatro, of Connecticut Valley Atheists. Listen! Call in! Heckle!

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  1. Gotta love Mikey.
    I didn’t know he had any stops left to pull, but it’s good to see him still honed in on the crux of the biscuit.

    You will remind us again…hopefully…of the upcoming WNPR show? I don’t want to miss that one.

  2. As a volunteer for MRFF for two years and having the opportunity to work directly with Mikey on grants, database management, and volunteer coordination, I know he appreciates your posts. I’m honored and really enjoy volunteering for an organization/individual like MRFF/Mikey who fights back…and HARD!

    Please visit us at any time.

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