Does this song make you gay?

Because David Caton, of Florida Family Association (click on the link only if you’re in the mood for a snootful), thinks this is tantamount to gay evangelicalism.

For slow readers, this is not gay evangelicalism. I would know evangelicalism. And thanks, DickG., for the link.

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  1. Why this song got my toes tapping, my fingers snapping and brought a smile to my face making me feel happy and gay!

      1. MMMMM….. I seem to have developed an affinity to humming show times and have a strange desire to dress as Ethel Merman…… “there’s no business like show business….”

  2. When David Caton mentioned making “the wrong choice”, I completely lost interest. His belief that acceptance is wrong because it’ll turn heterosexuals into homosexuals is wrong on so many levels.

    And, this song makes me move to the beat. Not only have my teenage kids listened to it, but we all saw The Gaga sing it live while standing & dancing next to gay and straight people. I promise. It wasn’t in the least bit dangerous. My kids will be how they will be and no one else has a say. Mostly, I hope they will be happy.

  3. We all have to look at and consider our own experiences when we evaluate material like this. Which leads me to say that anybody who suggests that a person “chooses” to be gay or straight must have had to make a choice (or at least something they call a choice) themselves. That is something I cannot even imagine.

    I never had a choice, not for a minute. Did you? At a parade one warm night when I was four I saw the high school girls’ color guard go by high-stepping in those tight uniforms with the short skirts, and it hit me with a rush. Before that I had never thought about the issue. I never thought about it after that, either. What choice?

    Which leads me to suggest that supposedly straight people who talk about making a choice very likely are gay people who chose to pass for straight; so, in effect, they are faking it. The more they yammer on about that sort of thing, the more I am reminded of the Shakespeare quote “The lady doth protest too much.”

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