The nones are growing

People who check “none” for religious affiliation now account for 19 percent of the population — the highest percentage recorded, according to some Pew Research Center for the People and the Press numbers.

This news was from the great work by USA Today’s Cathy Grossman.

And, as a side note, read about the new knowers/not believers, the religious naturalists.

And thanks, Mike the Heathen, for the link.

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  1. I think “unaffiliated” is much more accurate, and “unclaimed” much more descriptive than “nones.” While “nones” might be accurate for agnostics, it is not for atheists. Atheists have made their choice of affiliation, (Reason), and would only check “none” on any poll or survey is because “atheist” is not provided as a choice.
    Of that 19%, how many reject mysticism in all its forms and how many just don’t feel comfortable with any of the names currently available for the type of connection they feel to mysticism? Lumping atheists, or agnostics for that matter, in with the unaffiliated or unclaimed is not only unfair to all three groups but grossly inaccurate.

    And speaking of mysticism, saying out of one side of your mouth that “Reality is our God” and “We don’t see the mystical as divorced from the natural” out of the other isn’t a “new” theism. It’s the same “making stuff up as you go along” that puts religions in conflict with Reason.
    The self-serving redefinition of all sorts of scientific words and religious terminologies doesn’t change the fact that those two statements cannot be reasonably reconciled.

    I thought Alain de Botton was a goof, and Sam Harris with his “religion as failed science” comedy act was strange, but this guy…I mean…are people sending him money?

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