How to keep your local troll under the bridge

We here at Dating Jesus have had our share of trolls — disruptive, rude, and often shockingly ignorant people who serve no purpose other than to disrupt the conversation.

A troll is not necessarily someone who disagrees with you. I like a healthy argument/discussion. A troll is someone who picks fights for no reason other than they have nothing else to do.

And thanks, Leftover, for this primer.

And with that, I bid you a fond farewell for the weekend. Hope it’s a good one, and see you on Monday.

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    1. Wow. He Who Shan’t Be Named is a real putz. I surely wouldn’t want that sort of character teaching my children.

      1. There have been times when Colin has removed his comments, or things that he’s posted (I assume it was he) where he signs in with the name of an essayist and cuts and pastes the whole article. He of course yells about freedom of speech, and someone (Colin or another commenter) will explain about freedom of speech…. once again.

  1. Trolls want you to get riled up and comment. Colin’s troll is a serious pain in the ass.

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