Listen to this, and try not to slap your computer.

Bishop Explains Vatican’s Criticism of U.S. Nuns, on Terry Gross’s “Fresh Air,” on NPR. Guess this particular Christian Quality Control Board needs a run through of the Overboard.

And thanks, DickG., for the link.

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  1. I don’t believe the Vatican will change on these issues, ever. The church should split into two: Catholics who wish to adhere to the Vatican’s decisions and Catholics who wish to evolve & disagree with the Vatican on some issues. The Pope is not God. It would be ok to do this.

    1. Exactly, The Pope is NOT God.

      In fact, isn’t there a commandment against worshiping false gods? Is the Pope asking people to violate that commandment by demanding strict adherence to his edicts?

      I’m not a Catholic, so just asking.

  2. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! My hand hurts from slapping my computer. I like his definition of dialogue……”this is the we’ve always been, and dagnabbit that’s the way we’ll always be”

  3. Yeah, man, gotta do something about them nuns!!!! What a problem group! What a bunch of dangerous rebels wreaking havoc on society!!!!!!

    Maybe this will shift attention away from the pedophile “allegations,” or some of the other controversies surrounding the RCC’s positions regarding how everybody (including non-Catholics) should live.

    1. “What a bunch of dangerous rebels wreaking havoc on society!!!!!!”

      No, wreaking havoc (or threatening to) on God’s Own Status Quo, don’tcha know.

  4. I particularly like this Samantha Bee interview about the Vatican going after the nuns.

    I really got a kick out of the segment of it (at about 2:40 into the clip) where Samantha speaks with an ex-mafia guy who has some choice and very direct words (almost all bleeped out) about what he thinks about ANYBODY going after nuns .

    1. Thanks for that, DickG — and THAT links to one Jon and Samantha did in 2010 — also very …. pithy.

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