Some good after some very bad

There were reports that some victims in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting were facing insurmountable medical bills, but Colorado hospitals decided to waive some of the bills, and Warner Bros. (the studio responsible for “The Dark Knight Rises,” which was showing at the time of the shooting) kicked in some more.

If you feel moved to give, go here.

And thanks, Cynical, for the idea.

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  1. That’s some very, VERY good if you ask me.
    Nice for WB to step up…I’m sure the doctors will step up, too.

  2. So often the response to “health care for all” (after “you socialist”) is “but why should young healthy people, say, have to pay for older less healthy people?” Here’s one answer: devastating things can happen to ANYone, no matter what age.

    1. Yes, Cynical, right you are.

      But… the young usually feel invulnerable. I know I did in 1970 when I spent almost a year uninsured while wandering about 26,000 miles around these United States camping out with my new bride.

      And if the young aren’t insured, because in their minds they don’t need it, but then fate turns against them (in a movie theater, for example)? Well, at least one audience at a Republican “debate” had the answer to that dilemma… “Let her/him die!”

      Man, I just LOVE them Conservative Christians.

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